Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Event #2

My internship site at Children's Workshop in my Pawtucket hosted a "Holiday Shopping Night" at our center where the kids and their families could come shop around or even bring stuff to donate and others would take home. It was a cute little event that we actually got from our center in Smithfield. It gave those families that did not have much money for the holidays an opportunity to get things at a real cheap price.

Also it let the kids go in with 5 dollars and come out with a handful of gifts they could give to mom, dad, or any family member they wanted. The face on all of them after was just great they all enjoyed themselves. Even for the kids that just had a dollar in their hands shopping around just made them feel like they had power.

We had a gift wrapping station where I thought was cute as well having the children help wrap. It was overall a great experience seeing everyone's family come together and pull this night off. Made me think back in class to the 5 C's about caring for one another and even about awareness. Making kids at a young age realize that it's not about being materialistic. Hand crafted gifts mean just as much and that their are other families out there that are not as fortunate as you may be.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Talking Point #5


After my webquest I found an article from Oakland were the youth spoke out because the city council wanted to put a curfew on the youth. I found it interesting because the problem or topic of discussion was focusing on a decision for the youth. I also found it interesting because not to long ago I remember the city Central Falls was also putting the youth on a curfew. I was still in high school at the time and I remembered kids trying to petition but they never got heard.

In this article there was actually a few youth members who went up and spoke to the committee. A senior in high school by the name of Giovanni Gaines said, "Speaking in front of the city council for the first time was difficult. As a senior in high school and not familiar with public speaking, I thought I was going to choke on my words. I believe the part that made me nervous was the people there, the cameras, and the spotlight." If you let just one kid speak out and be heard it truly sends a message to all youth in the community. 

If a decision was being made that effected you most people would like to have a say or voice. No decision should be made without both sides being present.

Event #1

For my first event I attended Halloween party at the Children's Workshop in Pawtucket, RI where I currently do my internship. Two weeks before Children's Workshop also hosted an event called the Halloween costume swap. I volunteered at both but combined them as one event because they were similar. The costume swap I thought was a great idea. Costumes can be very pricey and parents might not want to spend that much on one day. Also, after a year the costume usually doesn't fit your child so swapping it for a new costume and one that actually fits your kid is a great idea.

The Halloween party was very cute because we let the kids help decorate for most of it. They were the ones who cut out the decorations or tied the balloon. They also baked and brought in homemade goodies. Participating and volunteering in this event made me think of a lot of concepts we talked about in class. Especially the thought on how important it is to have youth involved on decisions and not just the adults. Also, it is the importance of children having a voice and say. Having the children involved made them so happy. At the Children's Workshop we have babies from 3 months to kids who are 13 years old and they were all involved.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Talking Point #4

Argument Post

The video roots and remedies goes hand in hand with what YIA is all about. I liked how this weeks reading followed the positive youth development ideology from last week. You can hear the voice and message that this video and YIA is trying to say that it is more than just providing a space for youth. When I was younger I went to an after school program that was supposed to be a space to be free and engage with other kids. I remember it being so horrible that I begged my mother not to go back. YIA is trying to change that and that is what is so inspiring.
When we were all younger we never got to make any decisions for ourselves for the most part. I know my own mother didn't let me pick out my own clothes until I was in like the 5th grade. Picture day came and I was forced in something I hated just to look "nice."
I think it is important for youth to have a say and voice in the community. Like YIA would say they are just as important.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Talking Point #3

Positive Youth Development // Risk, Resiliency & Prevention

I think the main concept of positive youth development is all about support. The risk, resiliency and prevention is all drilled by support and having a support core for youth. I didn't find it surprising that I connected more with this section when taking the survey. But I did think the range with the other sections would be wider seeing as I think I can connect more with positive youth.

I can relate because I felt like when I was growing up I did not have much support so I know growing up how hard it was and that's why I think positive youth development is so important. Letting these kids know they have support and people behind them is definitely a sense of security and makes them feel better.

We all need to hear we are doing something good or looking good no matter what age we are. But imagine more of the impact it has when kids hear it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talking point #2 - Connections

Connections from Digital Natives & Social Construction of Childhood

This weeks reading I made a connection with week 1's reading of Social Construction of Childhood. Although Sharp talked a little more about Child labor laws I just thought it went into Digital Natives in a sense that these generations are very much different. Most of our grandparent's for some even own parents started working at young ages to help their families survive. In today's generation you don't really see that. That ties in with our parent's were lucky if they had a beeper. Ask a kid what a beeper is and he might not even know.

Sometimes we think how much society and the world can change with just a decade or so. The Digital Natives article was very interesting and relevant to today's education. I'm sure we can all relate to the article. We've all had those teachers that aren't even open to become technology happy. They just are stuck to their roots and don't want to learn. Like Prenksy says it can be difficult for them to learn a new language and I believe it. It took me forever to teach my mom to text. It really was like teaching her a new language. So if something as simple as that I can see older adult struggles on becoming more technology friendly.

Below is a video I thought related to what I mentioned about parent's not being able to text or not understanding.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Talking Point #1

Social Construction Of Childhood

I think most of us can agree that we all had very similar childhoods. Some of us even can say we all picture a childhood fantasy. Where we all just played games, lived without worries, and just was a kid. That is not always the case. As we seen in the article people live very different lives. What society calls normal to us we were playing games; in other societies kids are same age were making those games.

In different countries there is many child labor being taken place. It happens on a daily basis. Children don't get that "childhood dream." It also makes me think of those who are the oldest from their brothers and sisters. Maybe their childhood was to watch over them.

It is also crazy to think how generations are changing. When I was younger and went shopping with my mom I had like two barbie dolls to entertain myself. Now I see kids in strollers with Ipads to watch movies as their parents shop. It is all crazy to me.