Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talking point #2 - Connections

Connections from Digital Natives & Social Construction of Childhood

This weeks reading I made a connection with week 1's reading of Social Construction of Childhood. Although Sharp talked a little more about Child labor laws I just thought it went into Digital Natives in a sense that these generations are very much different. Most of our grandparent's for some even own parents started working at young ages to help their families survive. In today's generation you don't really see that. That ties in with our parent's were lucky if they had a beeper. Ask a kid what a beeper is and he might not even know.

Sometimes we think how much society and the world can change with just a decade or so. The Digital Natives article was very interesting and relevant to today's education. I'm sure we can all relate to the article. We've all had those teachers that aren't even open to become technology happy. They just are stuck to their roots and don't want to learn. Like Prenksy says it can be difficult for them to learn a new language and I believe it. It took me forever to teach my mom to text. It really was like teaching her a new language. So if something as simple as that I can see older adult struggles on becoming more technology friendly.

Below is a video I thought related to what I mentioned about parent's not being able to text or not understanding.


  1. I love the video you posted! The texts Ellen shared definitely illustrate lots of technological and also cultural / generation gaps between youth and their parents. In your post you talk about teaching your mom to text -- in small and not so small ways, technology has sometimes shifted who holds knowledge and power in relationships.

  2. This is great! I agree, my mom was like a dinosaur when it came to technology. She used to take selfies in such a weird way, and when she learned how to text, forget it. It's very similar to learning a new language in that it can be frustrating and you don't really feel like you're progressing until you just immerse yourself in it and practice.