Thursday, October 31, 2013

Talking Point #3

Positive Youth Development // Risk, Resiliency & Prevention

I think the main concept of positive youth development is all about support. The risk, resiliency and prevention is all drilled by support and having a support core for youth. I didn't find it surprising that I connected more with this section when taking the survey. But I did think the range with the other sections would be wider seeing as I think I can connect more with positive youth.

I can relate because I felt like when I was growing up I did not have much support so I know growing up how hard it was and that's why I think positive youth development is so important. Letting these kids know they have support and people behind them is definitely a sense of security and makes them feel better.

We all need to hear we are doing something good or looking good no matter what age we are. But imagine more of the impact it has when kids hear it.

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  1. This is the beginning of your YD philosophy! Cut and paste this into a document and start adding details. What does support and having "people behind youth" mean to you? Good stuff! Keep building!