Thursday, December 5, 2013

Talking Point #4

Argument Post

The video roots and remedies goes hand in hand with what YIA is all about. I liked how this weeks reading followed the positive youth development ideology from last week. You can hear the voice and message that this video and YIA is trying to say that it is more than just providing a space for youth. When I was younger I went to an after school program that was supposed to be a space to be free and engage with other kids. I remember it being so horrible that I begged my mother not to go back. YIA is trying to change that and that is what is so inspiring.
When we were all younger we never got to make any decisions for ourselves for the most part. I know my own mother didn't let me pick out my own clothes until I was in like the 5th grade. Picture day came and I was forced in something I hated just to look "nice."
I think it is important for youth to have a say and voice in the community. Like YIA would say they are just as important.

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  1. Choice is so very important! I too am inspired. Thank you for your post!