Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Event #1

For my first event I attended Halloween party at the Children's Workshop in Pawtucket, RI where I currently do my internship. Two weeks before Children's Workshop also hosted an event called the Halloween costume swap. I volunteered at both but combined them as one event because they were similar. The costume swap I thought was a great idea. Costumes can be very pricey and parents might not want to spend that much on one day. Also, after a year the costume usually doesn't fit your child so swapping it for a new costume and one that actually fits your kid is a great idea.

The Halloween party was very cute because we let the kids help decorate for most of it. They were the ones who cut out the decorations or tied the balloon. They also baked and brought in homemade goodies. Participating and volunteering in this event made me think of a lot of concepts we talked about in class. Especially the thought on how important it is to have youth involved on decisions and not just the adults. Also, it is the importance of children having a voice and say. Having the children involved made them so happy. At the Children's Workshop we have babies from 3 months to kids who are 13 years old and they were all involved.


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