Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Event #2

My internship site at Children's Workshop in my Pawtucket hosted a "Holiday Shopping Night" at our center where the kids and their families could come shop around or even bring stuff to donate and others would take home. It was a cute little event that we actually got from our center in Smithfield. It gave those families that did not have much money for the holidays an opportunity to get things at a real cheap price.

Also it let the kids go in with 5 dollars and come out with a handful of gifts they could give to mom, dad, or any family member they wanted. The face on all of them after was just great they all enjoyed themselves. Even for the kids that just had a dollar in their hands shopping around just made them feel like they had power.

We had a gift wrapping station where I thought was cute as well having the children help wrap. It was overall a great experience seeing everyone's family come together and pull this night off. Made me think back in class to the 5 C's about caring for one another and even about awareness. Making kids at a young age realize that it's not about being materialistic. Hand crafted gifts mean just as much and that their are other families out there that are not as fortunate as you may be.

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  1. This gift event sounds like a great success! I really like this sentence, "Hand crafted gifts mean just as much." So true!